Chris & Mike at it again!

In 2020,

Chris & Michael, next door neighbors & best friends, invented the City Bonfire. It was the world’s first personal & portable bonfire and became an overnight success after being featured on CNBC, The Today Show & People Magazine. Due to the high demand, the guys had to move production from their garage to a big warehouse...but the space needed a little TLC. So, Chris & Michael decided to repaint the place themselves.

Then tragedy struck.

Mike injured his wrist from all the stress being put on it by the traditional paint roller. That’s when their mutual friend and fellow inventor Ryan reached out with a paint roller product he needed help with. So after tending to his wrist, Chris, Mike & Ryan got to work re-designing the E-Roller, the revolutionary new way to paint. Its patented design allows you to paint more efficiently by using the muscles in your forearm, shoulders & upper back. Compared to a standard paint roller, the E-Roller is more comfortable, saves you time & takes the pain out of painting.

The E-Roller is a patented paint roller handle that is made in the USA with recycled ocean plastic. It is designed to improve the comfort, speed and efficiency of painting with a roller.

The traditional paint roller hurts.

E-Roller Takes the Pain out of Painting! It is patented to take the very familiar pain away from your wrist, allowing you to use your major muscle groups instead. The E-Roller is a basic design that enhances ergonomics so that painting is easier, faster, and better. It allows for the use of major muscle groups and body weight while the traditional paint roller requires ALL pressure to come from the wrist which is a very unnatural motion and gets sore very quickly.